Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the Lowe's car.. remade by G

today i watched Garrett give his book report and project presentation. he has been excited about this project (they do one a month). he started his the first week back to school. (thought he was not my child... but then he was finishing up some last minute ideas last night.. so we are cool). We got a huge box in the mail and he knew right then what book he was reading.. based on what he wanted to make for his project. that's my boy! plan the craft first!

for the second consecutive month he chose a non fiction book. last month he learned all about tanks.. and built one of his own. complete with "ammunition". there was a straw on top and he blew the paper pellets through! His favorite was the "challenger tank" so that is what he made and he got one for christmas!

this month it was race cars. specifically "f1 cars" ... the Lowe's Car. He reported to the class all sorts of interesting facts on f1 cars... making me question again if he's my son because he remembered so many exact facts. i never could do that. i thought he did a great job picking out his favorite pages to share.

then it was time to show off his project!

#48 Lowe's Race car

.... driver Garrett Griffin!

many thanks to his generous sponsors! ;)

Pit Crew Chief, Addison Griffin poses for a photo while G checks the body of the car.

wind shield wipers are working... for all the races in the rain :)
there is one on the rear window as well.

and no worries... there are head lights for night time racing!

he used two of my battery tea lights! genius!
so this of course was the big finish at school today..

he crawled in his car... told everyone to imagine it was dark... and then Flick! on came the lights! yay! big hit. "how'd you do that, Garrett?" i heard one friend ask. ......

ok.. i know he's my kid now..... G said, "oh, they are just tea lights!" :) love my creative boy!


  1. Yay, G! Great job on that race car. Wish we could see it in person!

    --Danielle, Liliana, Calvin & Henry