Tuesday, January 17, 2012

dance if it makes you happy.. or serious

Addison LOVES to dance. just loves it. For as fun, energetic, and free spirited as she is.. you would expect her to be all over the place at dance class. maybe one of those not so ready to pay attention kind of kids. but this couldn't be more opposite from her while in class. it's always been that way. She actually started dancing when she had just turned 2!! i know, you probably think "wow what a stage mom." but no, she really really wanted to & we had friends going to a studio in Coronado & the teacher that taught the little girls said to let her try it... and it was a hit! even then at 2, she was very attentive.. like she was soaking it all up!

dec 2011

sept 2009- first day of class

For the second year, she was in the local version of the Nutcracker. This year her class danced as "the Spanish Dancers" while Clara was in The Land of Sweets.

She takes her dancing very seriously.
She practices all the time!
She very much wants to do the proper positions with her feet.
She can't wait for the day she can slip on a pair of toe shoes!
She even pours over books that are much too old for her.. but we read them over and over & check out the videos on line of the ballerinas.

It makes me so happy to watch her. i want her to do whatever she likes.. but i really hope she keeps liking dance.


  1. I think that is so wonderful! What a sweetheart! Is that pic of her at 2 sitting on the step in San Diego? I think my granddaughter used to dance there!

  2. it was in coronado. Coronado Dance Academy, i think it was called :)