Monday, January 30, 2012

thoughts from princess addie

Addie had two birthday parties this weekend. both good friends. both princess themed. she loved it. all the girlies were so cute. i loved seeing her with all her little girlie friends. it was a glimpse into what a day in school must be like... F.U.N.N.Y.!

i tend to see addie as my little girl.. but she showed me this weekend .. she's clearly growing up. i mean sure, i Know she has her own opinions and her own style.. we all know that! but i saw her with her friends just laughing and giggling. bouncing, really. when did that happen?

then at dinner she declared that her "throap" was a little sore. yes. that reminded me that she is still fun little addie.... with A Lot to say. ......

this week's thoughts by addie
* "hivernation" was a very popular topic. hivernation song

* "insticked out"... what she calls inside out... "mom, will you get this insticked out?" i make her ask about 4 times (she thinks i have a hearing problem).

* "thumb toe" ... her big toe.... "owwww! my thumb toe is stuck!" i agree. the big toe should have a name. a pinkie is a pinkie weather on your hand or foot, right?

* i told her to stop talking so loud. "i can't. my voice got hot in the sun." ????? must be a "throap" thing.

* i told her she was "cool" ... she said "i'm not cool. i'm pretty." .... yes humble is a word we need to work on.

* i was sounding out 'pop corn' for her to guess her snack.. p...o....p....c (you get it). i asked her what she heard... "oreos!" :)

* she recited the Pledge of Allegiance .. with a little twist to the end. Pledge video

but my favorite was certainly when she told me she was glad she tried her veggies. "why?" i asked. "because God is in my heart and he probably gets hungry and wants 'healfy' veggies."
yep, i'm pretty sure you make God smile addie :)

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