Wednesday, January 11, 2012


this year i decided to make some trees :) i loved the way the wine bottle trees came out. and this pumpkin tree didn't disappoint either! i thought it was so fun to use the pumpkins from fall in a different way. (did i just figure out how to link something??)

This tree was easy, obviously. just some scraps of fabric i had. i used the lid of a sturdy box. i didn't even have to paint it because it has a nice finish on it already. it worked in a spot that just needed something but i didn't have anything for it. as addie would say "easy peasy lemon squeezy!"

this may have been my favorite :) we did these for Nana & Papa and Grandma & Grandpa. i had planned to do a bigger one for us, using all our hand prints. but micah wasn't too thrilled about it so Gparents won out. We'll save that for next year!

the kids did these out of beans and oats.
can you guess whose is whose!?

i think that's it for the trees :) we did use food again though.. this pepermint wreath hung with all the trees.. standing strong and meshing in with a bright green poinsettia! sadly i didn't take a pic of all of it together on the shelves...

Garrett did this pretty wreath for me!

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