Thursday, February 9, 2012

a little love

I don't think i have ever really decorated much for valentine's day.. but matt's been gone the past 3 nights so..... why not! I knew i didn't want to do all red and pink though.. a splash of color is what i needed. and a black heart! lol! i wanted to make one of those pretty felt heart wreaths that are all over pinterest... but lack of time & stores to find the form i decided to redo something i had already.

and once again.. my tumble weed and snow man appear again!

i had a grapvine heart that just needed something done to it or thrown out.. i'm glad i kept it! i just wrapped it with black yarn and mad a few ribbon flowers. they look cute!

While watching some of the most love filled show.. the Bachelor (so kidding!) I made the LOVE squares. I traced the letters on some cardboard and then heated crayons over a tea light and dotted them on the squares. i used four colors per square to look sort of mosaic. i think it's so fun!

Addie helped me.. she made this cute button heart. but i think she's going to take it back. she said now it's for her teacher. but it looks so cute!
she also colored some hearts for the vase. she said i can keep them :)

so if she's going to take back her heart.. i may not give her the black clip back! haha :)

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  1. I have been reading for awhile and LOVE keeping up with your family :) so wish we could get the kids together...the girls seem so much alike! If you have any questions about your move, let me know!

    1. thanks! i didn't know :) i will be talking to you soon.. moving is overwhelming me.