Friday, November 4, 2011

only treats

i am not a fan of halloween. never have enjoyed dressing up and frankly the whole ghost thing just causes me to freak. however the past few years i have found a new child like joy in this day of dress up. appropriate i guess that addie switched her costume 3 times that day. finally deciding 5 minutes before we left for a pre trick or treat pizza party. she cracks me up. i'm scared to say it but between the dressing up and the chocolate... this may be my daughters favorite day of the year! she decided she wanted to be "A Bubble Gum Princess"! of course, why not? Thankful for this all pink costume we inherited! add a pink crown and some pink hair spray... call it bubble gum! she was thrilled! She cracked us up while going door to door as well. she very dutifully said "trick or treat!" , watched something get dropped into her bag, said thank you:) then said "Happy Halloween!" and she'd skip away yelling "mom, i said it again! and I got another chocolate bar!" she was just amazed that people were giving her chocolate and apparently it reinforced the polite 3 liner she came up with!!

Garrett on the other hand knew weeks ago what he was going to be... never wavering. he wanted to be his dad :) looking pretty studly i think! he added a few more pins and patches than the traditional flight suit... but we like the additions. you can't see it here, but his patch with wings on it is a real one that Matt had made for him... i guess over in the middle east because under Garrett's name it is also written in Arabic. pretty cool.. and official. Garrett did not talk to us the whole door to door experience. He was on a mission with his friend. house. T or T. thank you. next house. very goal oriented. "mission completion"!

oh our sweet Micah Moooooooey! i saw this costume at the local resale and it was perfect. the kids.. well all of us now.. call him micah mooey. so it fit. :) i was kind of sad that he wasn't going to wear the little pumpkin outfit his older siblings wore in Maine and San Diego... but i got over it seeing how CUTE he looked!! little man rocked the "big boy stroller" and enjoyed the beautiful evening.

This Halloween was the best one yet. We had pizza with 2 wonderful Military families for the second year in a row. The kids had a great time. The weather was a perfect fall night. yep, I'll do it again next year :) i think i'm starting to like it!


  1. Great fun! I like how you captured each child's personalities and helped me to feel like I was right there with you (wish I had been :)).

    And do I spy a third round of that alphabet blanket?

  2. Oh Amie, they are SO CUTE! How could anyone resist Halloween when there are so many adorable characters around? You were helpless...they're perfect!

    (And I'm so glad you're blogging! Hooray!)