Tuesday, November 15, 2011

hunting with dad

these two camo cuties went duck hunting with Matt the other day. They were so happy to be asked to join in the adventure. So excited. Matt was so proud :)

Addie was back and forth about going... mainly because we could not find her camo fleece with the pink lining. Dressing for the occasion, you know, is important.

Garrett was not concerned with such things of course. He just couldn't wait to get out there. Disappointed to learn he wouldn't be able to take a shot... Matt told him not to worry. & That he most likely would not be able to take a shot either ;) Garrett didn't catch the joking sarcasm.

Addie said she looked and looked, but she couldn't understand why they didn't "catch" any ducks.

Matt said it may have been a little loud:)

They may not have come home with dinner... but at dinner she stated

"we had so much fun hunting with Daddy today."

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  1. What a patient papa! And what sweet little hunters they are, too.