Friday, October 28, 2011

mixed up mantle

i have always wanted a house with a mantle. though we have lived in 6 houses, there has only been one mantle. now that i have one.. i can't go back. when we move to jax, should there be no mantle... i will have to find a DIY project to make one myself! it's just the focal point of the room. sometimes it has family photos on it. sometimes it's simple with candles. but honestly i think i like the seasonal versions best. pottery barn worthy.. but with out the price. so it started like this. but it needed something.

i like to use some stuff i already have, but a trip to Micheal's i.s usually in order to add a little something, in this case - sparkle :)

here's the sparkle... Love it!!

its never really done. it changes all the time. i like to tweak till i'm happy with it. i think i'm done with my fall mantle now :) the last tweak was added today- it's probably a permanent fixture. i LOVE our new family photo!


  1. not sure what happened to the picture!

  2. Super cute! And you make me want to write on my blog again. I used to actually write funny things.

  3. Looks great, Amie! It looks like you got the photos to load, too.