Monday, November 28, 2011

3 loves of today

you know the days you just feel so blessed... love those days.

i love my kiddos... 3 different personalities. 3 versions of some combo (for good or bad) of me & matt. i love each one of their infectious laughs!

i love my husband. today we went out for a while in the afternoon. used a living social voucher for massages. i love that site & groupon too. a great way to treat yourself.. and get a deal!

i love my God. i just love to see His hand in the little things. and i'm talking way way little. too insignificant to go into here. but it blessed me big time and definitely worth praising Him for it!

they actually thought they would sleep like this!

* what do you love today? *


  1. I love this picture! And your perspective! This post made me smile!

  2. I love this picture too! And I love your blog. Really enjoying reading what's going on with you and what's on your heart. Makes me smile.