Monday, November 7, 2011

New Life

I'm an Auntie again!! I'm so excited and happy for Meghan and Chris and big brother, Alex. They were blessed with another boy yesterday, November 6th at 10:06 pm they welcomed Reid Christopher into the world!!! He is adorable. perfect. a few weeks early, but so happy to be out! He is 6 lbs 12 oz (same as his older cousin, Micah!) and 20 inches long... maybe he got the tall genes??!

While I'm so excited... I'm also having a hard time. I want to be there with my sister. I want to hold that sweet boy!! I want to give big brother a big hug and take him out for a chocolate milkshake to celebrate.

I think of when we were little and we played "house" all the time. We would play for hours and hours in the basement where we had our house, school, and store set up. Sometimes we both were moms to all our cabbage patch kids (we were probably octo-moms or at least quad moms!) Play dates weren't the rage then, but I think we basically invented them.. playing with all the dolls. Most of the time though, I suggested (read: forced) Meg to be the kid and I was the Mom. Why not? i was older, i of course knew more. I am glad that our lives now do not imitate our imaginative play back then. I don't know more. We are both the moms now. We are in the same boat now .. and it's so fun to share stories or tap into each others wisdom .. or just vent on the sure fire plan that just isn't working with a child.

we are only a phone call, skype, text, email away. a plane ride. a really long drive. i don't like the distance.. and i wish it weren't there, today.


  1. Oh! Congratulations, Amie! And congratulations to your sister! I hope you'll be able to see each other soon. Reid is precious!

  2. congratulations auntie! I know how you feel. Thinking of you!