Thursday, November 17, 2011

fall decor

i just love decorating during this time of year. last year, i didn't really get into it that much. being pregnant with 2 other busy children left me completely exhausted most of the time. i even went to bed before 11 most nights! crazy for me.
so, i'm sort of making up for it this year. i'm busy well into the night a lot of the time!
i'm trying to use as much stuff as i can from what i already have... but making some fresh changes. most fun, for me, has been adding to my collection by creating some fun new items. and i've tried to use a lot of natural and recycled materials. it's really fun to save something and say "what can i make with this?" i have to admit... i'm kind of hooked on it!
Garrett is really the one who started it. but that's another post all together...;) so either he's just like his mommy or i'm following his lead of changing the world .. one saved container, cardboard, or "treasure" found on the ground at a time.

fun, right? yep, those are beer bottles. i put matt to work all in the name of craft and decor! he seemed not to mind ;) i glittered the tops with a copper color glitter and wrapped a ribbon on the top. for the letters i stenciled onto foam art and then glittered them. the kids gathered some sticks to finish it off. the striped white pumpkin has green glitter on the stripes.. though you can't tell in this pic.

this stand used to sit in front of the fire place with lots of candles on it.. pretty. but the reason i didn't feel like decorating last year is now into tearing any decor within reach apart!!

this is the back side. this area is a large open space above the tv, kind of a waste really. and it's a challenge to decorate. can't put pictures because when you walk in the door, you would only see the backs of picture frames. so it has to be a two sided affair.

random.. but this glittered wine bottle with dried flowers in it was an addition to the fall mantle of a previous post. i was bored one day and wanted to try the new glitter i bought. ... verdict is Love it!

Happy Fall
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  1. Wow! I'm really impressed with your decorations! They look fantastic!

  2. so happy to see you blogging!! Wish we could visit. Perhaps when you move east, you can add Fort Worth to a stop.

  3. thanks Em! now that i'm finally done with fall :) how will i continue through with christmas!

  4. thanks for checking it out julz! i'm enjoying the blog world. i would Love to stop in Fort Worth!! there will be so many boys in one place! and addie will be enough girl for us all ;)

  5. ames I love what you are doing. i may have to put Bri to work as well for christmas decor:)