Saturday, November 26, 2011

a short blurb of thanks

thanksgiving, for me, was always the same..very predictable. that is until our first as a married military couple. ever since it is anything but predictable. and you know what? i like it that way. Thanksgiving has really become one of my most favorite days of the year. it's not that i'm against tradition, not completely anyway. but something about a different arena and different company each year has opened me and my kids (i hope) to a welcoming heart of pure thankfulness. it's one of the aspects of our military life that i dearly love. ...

*we have adopted and have been adopted.
*we have spent the day with old friends, new friends, as well as with family.
*there has been many at the table.. or tables. and there has been just a few.
*we spent one quietly by ourselves.
*we have been at two of our homes, the home of dear friends, the home of extended family and even two different mountain destinations.
*we only spent one without any kiddos. (the first one with G was also the first night he slept all night.. i was so rested that thanksgiving! it didn't last. :( )
*we have spent one missing a huge part of our family, while giving thanks for our freedom.
*we spent one determined to laugh and enjoy with friends.. just days before we had to part for the rest of the holiday season.

it's never been the same. each year i am so grateful for the chance to spend a day of thanks with people we love and that support us.
might i also add that i give extra thanks to any year that we have not actually hosted the event :) i love to gather.. but the stress of the meal and the timing and the house is a bit much for me. it's not pretty. admittedly, i need to work on that. assign me some sides. a pretty centerpiece. and i'm a much happier turkey!


  1. I remember our Maine Thanksgiving so fondly. It was an amazing time and place for beginning on this journey of military life - and for a friendship that would last forever! -Rin

  2. i miss you rin! that was such a great thanksgiving. laughing in spite of matt and jon leaving days later :) true friendships. i heart you!