Tuesday, November 22, 2011

yellow stones christmas surprise

i'm fading fast here... i finished a crazy busy week & swore this one would be relaxing. so though i'm not done with what i wanted to accomplish... i think i'm going to turn in for the night anyway.

but first i wanted to jot down this cute little, warm my heart Garrett story.

my thoughtful guy. tenderhearted. caring. .... especially to his mama.

tonight i took him shopping with me. now when i say "shopping" let's be clear. Fernly, NV is not a mecca for sales. nor is Fallon, NV. Still, i was convinced that one of these small town would have what i need so i don't have to go "to the city" or "into town" to get my single supply to finish my latest project. what is it? oh you know, something extremely rare... a silver plastic tablecloth. yep, that's it. $1.26 and worth every penny (wait till you see the finished project!)

alas, neither town seems to enjoy the metallic silver tablecloths as i was hoping so soon i will have to "go to town". we don't have many stores to pick from so the dollar tree was at the top of my list for Fallon. Garrett, who came with me to keep me company, thought the name "Dollar Tree" was silly. It doesn't, after all, Look like a tree. so as we are walking in i was explaining to him what the name actually meant.

"what? everything in here is a dollar?? wow. we should come here more often." Great. what have i introduced him to?! my little craft buddy was so excited with all of the "pretty" Christmas finds in there... for only a dollar. i let him pick out one thing. how could i not? and he actually did not fail to impress. he picked a large clear snowflake.. to which he said "this will be great with some glitter on it". (is he MY child or what!) it's perfect for the playroom, i thought too.

He just had to walk all over the store.. take it all in i guess. he found some glass stones (again, things i love to use) and he was like "daddy is going to Have to bring me back here"
"why" i ask.
"because i just got an idea for a christmas present. it's a surprise so don't ask. it's for you"
it took more than what is probably deemed "normal" for me not to ask questions, knowing that if i did... he would spill. but.. i held it in.
then he said "no never mind. they don't have what i want. these won't work"

i prodded a bit... asking what he needed.
a different shape. a different color.
i said we could check them out at our next stop because i thought walmart would have them.

as we were walking in to WM, he reminded me. and we checked them out. they had more than the dollar tree, however still not what he was imagining. he told me ... "i need yellow. i think these swirl ones would work?? but i think i want to check michael's first and then decide."

i kissed his head and just laughed. i told him that we could not go to michael's tonight since it's in reno.. but i will be there soon and we will look. then he asked if i was excited to see my surprise. "yes buddy, that will drive me nuts till Christmas because i can't wait to see what you make for me. "

the kid that gets his inspiration in the dollar tree and then decides 2 stores don't have what is necessary & we need to take a trip "to town".............. this IS sounding familiar, right? :)

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  1. what a cute story of the two of you. such a sweet heart. and I can't wait to see what he does either!