Friday, December 2, 2011

9 years

9 years we've been married! kind of hard to believe. so much about our marriage has shaped me and changed me. i am not the girl i was 9 years ago. for the better i believe.
.... i would have never guessed that I would be able to say that
i've lived in 4 states and 6 houses
i've traveled to hawaii, across the country, and to Japan!
i've become flexible... i willow if you will (as JW used to say in grad school when i was so much more so an Oak).
i've become a Griffin in the "laid back, 'on time' is an option, less serious than i ever was" kind of way
i've learned (learning) to be independent. to make it through 8 months with only God sustaining me.
i've learned that there are not "wife or husband" duties when he is deployed. i've handled some
exceptional situations.. and i can say i'm proud of me! also, i'm happy to hand back over those "husband duties" :)
i've started the journey of being a wife.
i've started the journey of being a mommy.

so i'm not the same girl that said "i do" 9 years ago. i like me better each day because of my wonderful husband... i love our little life.