Thursday, November 15, 2012

3 little words

This morning got off to a not so great start.  It was raining out and crawling back in bed seemed like the most desirable plan.. it could not happen of course.  What needed to happen was an extra quick get ready performance by the big kids (hahahaha.. i laugh at myself).  Typically I bring them to school because the bus comes at 7:45 and school doesn't start till 8:30, in which we live a distance of 5 miles.  So I know hurrying to get to the bus stop would result in a lot more nagging, yelling, and whining.. which is just a bad way to start off the day.  I chose to avoid.  Well, this morning.. my suspicions were proven correctly. Today I needed the kids to ride the bus today so that I could take Micah to a friend's house so I could volunteer in Garrett's class. 
*** Enter nagging, yelling, and whining. ***

After loading them up in the car (their stop is .5 mile up the road- we'd have to start at 6am!)  We get there
We Missed The Bus! (of course). 

Driving to the school, knowing I was going to have to do some serious backtracking and would most certainly be late, was painful. Painful because I told them that buses, trains, planes, and ships will not wait for anyone... which echoed the voice of my swim coach on summer mornings telling me that I would miss the ship even if it were headed on a cruise.  Probably true.

It actually was a good lesson for all of us.  But I felt so terrible showing up so late for Garrett's teacher! I absolutely love helping in the classes.  Maybe it is because I grew up a "principal's daughter", but I get excited about the inner workings of the school.  Room mom, field trips, PTO.. sign me up!  crazy.  Anyway, there was a mix-up with the students id numbers for the computers that I needed to do testing on books they had read.  Garrett's teacher felt just as bad as I had because I couldn't do what I had come in for.  I read with some kids and that was fine.  Things happen.  life.

I was walking out the door and Mrs. H said sorry one more time.  And then she made my day.. heck .. my week!  3 little words.  She said "I appreciate you."  It resonated so much more than a simple "thank you" would have.  "Thank you" would have been fine.  But I bet I would not have thought much about it passed that moment.  But what she intentionally said stayed with me the rest of the day. "I appreciate you."  It made me smile.  It brought purpose to a crazy morning.  I felt valued. 

As our day to day life flies by we so often forget to tell those we love that we appreciate them and what they do.  We take each other for granted.  We rush out the door, and we miss the bus.  We miss so many opportunities to acknowledge someone, even in a little way.

 I wonder what would happen if today we told someone in our lives that they are appreciated.  Would that someone feel valued?  Would they then pass it on to another?   A chain reaction may be on the horizon!
Try it, would you?  It won't be comfortable,  "Thank you" is easier.  But it will be intentional and meaningful -and it might just leave a greater impact.

Just a thought to Pass IT On!


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