Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tales from a white girl at Zumba...

So I have added Zumba to my workout routine recently.  Love it!  It is so fun.  ... or is it just so funny to laugh at myself through out the class?  Either way.. It is a Great workout!  But let's get real here.  I have 0.0% Latino in me.  I am 100% old school cheerleader and an ex tap dancer.  Sharp motions come naturally. And it is just hilarious to see me try to move my hips or shake my rear the way the uninhibited instructor does!  Man.. I wish I could let go like her.  Oh and speaking of her.. she did P90X just before teaching class .  Again, I shake my head at myself .. not my hips. Today the running commentary in my head during class was just interesting...

Actual thoughts during Zumba
*What the ..??
*My hips seriously do not move
*oops.. I just looked way too cheerleader again
*step touch.. got that
*Is anyone else dizzy when they spin?
*squat. jump. jump.  ooo.. i like that one. "Go Ohio!" (cheerleader again)
*that girl in front of me wasn't even born when this song was released ("Beat It")
*and why isn't that girl in front of me sweating??
*bonita.. i think that means pretty (testing my Espanol)
*salsa.. yeah, that sounds good. Margaritas anyone?
*even belly button high pants mom shakes better than me.
*I think i just did the Roger Rabbit.
*I think my vitamins just came up.
*Man, new respect for Kirsty Alley.
*Even Mark Ballas would want Bristol back if I was his partner.
*How do they do this in heels?
*Why do i keep thinking of Dancing With the Stars??

*Whooo.  that was good.