Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Farewell to fall decor

One of the reasons I like to share on the blog here is to show family and friends that live so far away what is going on in our home.  The crazy day to day life.. mixed with a little DIY to make it pretty.  :)   Fall sort of unfolded a little at a time as it was the first season to decorate for in our new home.  I have a feeling Christmas will be the same.  Then again, Christmas is like that each year for me as I tend not to halt on the crafting till Santa is knocking!  

Here's  a look at some of the fall things we've added. The recent "cold" spell we had in FL helped :)
 i made the "THANKS" bottles last year.. was happy they survived the move.  On the far right is a vase with different layers of beans and popcorn, topped with a mini pumpkin... so festive!

 more layers .. so colorful
 I used a lot of the mini pumpkins this year.. till I realized they don't hold up in humidity like they do in the dry desert.  I threw quite a few away.
 The breakfast nook is finally done.  I will share more pics later, but here is a touch.
 Birdseed!  Love the colors!  Especially the turquoise :)  it works so well.  And thanks to the kids for getting the pine cones. 
 Pine cones are an easy addition.. screaming "fall"!

In the dining room I went for simple and elegant.
 Love the whimsical spinning Addie pics in the fields from last year. 
 Pinecones and pearly sea shells for an easy centerpiece.
 Guess what is not spray painted here.  
If you guess the plate (charger from Hobby Lobby) and the pumpkins (Micheal's).. you are right.  The candle sticks used to be an ugly green.  Love them now. And the lamp.. yes the lamp.  
I may have a problem. 
 This room makes me smile.
 We just did our floors.. don't they look awesome?!

Now... let's gear up for Christmas decorating!  Garrett is all set and wants to get out the boxes.  Addison is beside herself, not understanding why you would start another holiday when Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet.  The girl has a point.  So i think we will enjoy fall just a few more days. 


  1. Oh! I just love it! The nook is so cute, love the color. LOVE IT! You are a decorating/spray painting machine:)
    And your floor look great. Just makes me want to come see it all in person!

  2. Love your place! Especially the glitter G you know i'm crazy about monograming everything!Loved the way the pine cones came out too! Jossiem4 (instagram)