Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankfulness Window

Usually I have done a "Thankful Tree" where we add leaves with things we are thankful for.  Last year I was especially fond of our Thankful Tumbleweed Tree :)  but there are no tumbleweeds (thank goodness) in Florida :)  I decided to go totally simple.. but fun!

Here is our Thankfulness Window!  
Excuse the poor photos.  It was really difficult to capture to see the the writing on the windows.  

22 Thankful Days - Addison

22 Thankful Days - Garrett

Since these windows are located right behind our kitchen table, each night we talk about something we are thankful for and we add it to our list.  Why I was writing it for the first few days, I'm not sure... clearly the kids are much better... Addie even drew a few pictures. On day 4 she was thankful for going to the beach and she drew a beach ball :)  On day 5 she liked that we went for a walk and she drew herself walking and a smile :)  Her writing also gets smeared and on her hand... she's a lefty!

We have been having fun with these Crayola Window Markers!  Something so simple.. but so fun! 
 Crayola® Washable Window Markers - 8 Ct.

Addie as she draws a beautiful mural on our sliding glass doors :)

Pass IT On!
Pick up a pack of these fun markers.. your kids will love you! (well, until you make them practice spelling and math on the windows... and even that was cool for a few days!)

Passing IT On to a few awesome sites...

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