Monday, November 19, 2012

Glittery Fantasticness.. for a quick gift

I am a last minute type.  I just am. Tuesday is the last day of school this week... and I had nothing for the teachers.. just something little to say "I am thankful for you!".   So today while on the treadmill I decided I would to go to Micheal's - after collapsing of course- in search of the clear glass bulbs I needed.  I wanted to try this glittery fantasticness last Christmas and never got around to it. This year... watch out!! I may do one of these for everyone I know.. they are that easy!!  Highly recommend you try.

Here's how the ornaments turned out :)
Aren't they pretty?  And guess what.. the glitter is on the inside, so no mess.  Awesome.

All you need is: Mop and Glo, Clear Glass Bulbs, Extra Fine Glitter

Pour the Mop and Glo into the bulb. Don't worry how much - you will drain out the extra.  Swirl it around, but don't shake it so it ddoesn't create bubbles.

Drain the liquid.

Use your pinkie to get the froth off of the edge.
Pour Glitter inside - again you will dump any extra.

Rotate to cover the inside.

Dump any extra back in the container.  Tap the bulb to get any lose glitter.
Don't you just love?  So Glittery and Shiny!
I really liked how they turned out.  But I decided to personalize them a little with a last initial.  I wanted to try the glass glitter paint so I used it to stencil.
First I tried just filling it in the actual stencil.  I used a Q-tip to smooth the edges.

For the 2nd bulb, I traced the stencil on paper.  Much better!

The kids each wrote a note to their teacher.. Garrett told his he is so thankful for her.  Addie told hers she loves her and drew little hearts ;)  I too am so thankful for their teachers.. thank you!


  1. Cute! love the colors you chose!

    1. thanks! they were so easy. I'm going to do more for sure. I think they would look great with red glitter!

  2. Okay, this is just the neatest thing ever!! And with mop and glo? How ingenious!! These should totally be your extras!!