Thursday, November 1, 2012

You are my Sunshine

How is it Thursday already??  For that matter... how in the world is it November? 

I do love this time of year...  it really should be a time of remembering and thankfulness.. to prepare us for the season to come.  It shouldn't be just a time to "get through".  I hope to use it that way.

Since I just finished up with writing daily for 31 days on  one topic (Pass IT On!), I decided against doing one of the 22 days of Thankfulness.. at least on the blog.  I am going to join Vanessa on instagram and post a thankful picture daily.  It seems a little less daunting at this time... maybe it's because I'm in a house of sick kids and fighting it myself.. but i just don't have the energy!  So follow along on instagram  .. it's so fun if you aren't on there ;)   follow me... amielgriffin   and while you are there, follow Vanessa (craftyvanessa) as well and the rest of the 22 Thankful Days posters!  #22thankfuldays

here is my pic today...
these windows will never be clean.. I don't try to fight it :)
Today I am thankful for the Sunshine... both the warm sun shining in the late afternoon and the beautiful one she just drew with about a million rays extending from it's center.  (it's hard to see but her sun is just below her drawing hand).

Addison is truly my sunshine, my only sunshine ... on days of grey i am happy.

..............................................and then there are days when the storm hits.  :) 

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