Monday, March 26, 2012

Egg Tree

Spring and Easter Time!

this idea came from my bulb tree i made at Christmas time using a wine bottle
(why is everything underlined?? no clue.)

you will need:
a wine bottle (good excuse to have a girls night!)
plastic eggs
Easter grass
glue & brush
glue gun

I started by brushing the Mod Podge on the wine bottle and then clumping the grass on top.
brand new bottle.. love it!
Work in small sections. Be liberal with the glue.
Clump it. Smush it. Pat it on there.

I let it dry over night.
I did some touch ups by filling in where there were some holes before putting the eggs on.
I used the glue gun to go this.
I also added some grass at the very top of the bottle.
I found these small areas were easy to do with the glue gun instead of trying to brush it on.

I used the glue gun to attach the eggs.
I like the pearly looking colors.
and Easy!


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  1. Cute! Was this your very own idea as a variation on the bubble tree? Very inventive!

    1. thanks! yes.. i thought about it back in dec :) but i have seen a few variations on pinterest. it's funny how ideas seem to pop up!

  2. Clever idea. I never had thought of using a wine bottle for a tree shape. I sae it over at Someday Crafts link party.

  3. .thank you donna! i made some fun ones at christmas time... i made a lot of them as gifts