Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter mantle

i was so good about getting this mantle done .. right after micah's birthday.. and before i left for Jacksonville. just wasn't so good about sharing.

so for today... Happy Easter!
Happy Pastels!
Happy Eggs and Candy!

and Above All.. Be Happy About The Resurrection!

i didn't use the ribbon and tulle tied to yarn like this... but thought it was cute for garland!

yep.. that's all i did... tie ribbon and tulle to yarn!! cute, right?
here's a quick how i made the wreath...
*i found this wreath at a thrift store for .99 :) thought it was great b/c it's oval.. EGG!
*it needed color.... found that i had 6 .. yes 6 pink tanks of various fabrics, sizes and length of time owned. i could spare one.

* i cut strips of the tank and wrapped it around, using hot glue to secure it.

*I tied the yarn around the wreath and wrapped it loosely around.

* tied some pearly eggs ...

* Just Love It!*

* i also Glittered some large eggs .. you can sort of see in this pic. They look pretty :)

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I love all your mantles!! My mantle has a big tv hanging over the top of it :( No decorating for me....which honestly, is probably ok because lately holidays sneak up on me and I never seem to have time to decorate..*sigh*

    1. i'm hoping to still Have a mantle in our new house.. above would actually be the obvious spot for the tv. but i do love decorating!

  2. So cute! That is such a creative idea to add some ribbon and tulle! And to use a tshirt to wrap it with too... LOVE it! :D

  3. Oooh... I love the garland! Cute and clever!

    1. thank you! i took the eggs off the wreath right now and still have it up.. so spring! i may add an "A" to it and put it in my daughter's room.