Friday, March 9, 2012

some faves

These are a few of my Favorite things.. lately

This has been my lunch for like the past two weeks... love! the pitas are from "hungry girl "and only have like 45 calories. the balsamic is delicious (yet another thing i miss from Coronado). I feel like I'm in college again .. eating the same thing every day (then it was a bagel sandwich.. sometimes with italian dressing or for a change BBQ sauce. followed by frozen yogurt with cinnamon toast crunch.) Ive been trying to eat a little healthier and this has been easy at lunch. i love hummus! never thought i would say that!! it's a good spread to add just a little flavor and protein.
(it also reminds me of my favorite friends episode... Phebe gets hummus on her fancy dress and puts a big christmas ornament over it. when asked about it she says "hummus. i got the hummus." lol. it's also the one where Rachel "corresponds" to prove a point. and Joey does Lunges! in all of Chandlers clothes!!).... That was a blast from the past fave. and now that i like hummus, i can say i have done all three!


Peanut Butter Cheerios!!! have you tried them?? oh my. yum. and with chocolate almond milk... it's like having a peanut butter cup for a snack! again.. love.

should i list something besides food?? goodness!
got my hair trimmed the other day. not only did i get to go alone.. thanks to a new friend! but i also finally like it. i like the length. but my fave thing here is this new product i bought,..
it's a mattifying powder that adds lift. it's made by Osis. you just sprinkle a wee bit where you want lift, tossle your hair a bit with your fingers.. and boom! it even has some sort of "memory" so that you can fix it through out the day. it's awesome!
since we are talking hair... look at these sweet curls...

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  1. Your hair looks great! (And oh, those little curls! Heart melting!)

    Your lunch looks tasty, too. Yummy! :-)