Wednesday, March 14, 2012

11,, not ready for 12 months

can you believe this boy is going to be ONE so soon??

i can't.

i won't.

i have to.

but i don't want to.

in true 3rd child fashion, i have neglected to sound off alarms with his new talents. but this little guy has been busy!

he says mama and dada TO us now..
his first words were "no no" and "all done"..
he loves trucks and cars..
he cruses around..
he bear crawls..
he stands for a few seconds..
he claps when hes' excited..
he has a loud "get some attention" noise..
he climbs- too well up 17 steps..
he has a hard time getting teeth, poor guy..
he only ate baby food until very recently- starting to try textures..
he loves cheerios..
he smiles- A Lot..
he giggles..
he sleeps on his belly..
he still smiles when he drifts to sleep..

he cracks up at his silly sister
he follows his big brother around- pushing trucks or just to be near
he melts daddy's heart when he comes home to "dada!"
he's mommy's baby


  1. amie, he looks just like you! what a sweet little face! enjoy every snuggle... why is it going so fast?
    PS his AZ buddy, max, says hello!

    1. thanks mols.. i can't believe how fast it's going. i would love for all the boys to play together! i think we would have 2 leaders. 2 followers. and Addison would LOVE you!!! whenever she meets someone she checks them out "i like your outfit. ohhh your earings are pretty. mommy, look at those shoes!" not kidding.. when i get dressed she says "mommy, i have the perfect necklace, bracelet, and shoes for you" .. and usually.. she's spot on!

    2. hahaha! a girl after my own heart. what a sweetie!

  2. It's just not possible for him to be 1! Can't wait to meet this little guy someday.

    1. i know! i can't believe you guys don't know our micah! it seems so strange to me. soon!!! we'll all be east coasters!

  3. Oh, he's so sweet! But I really can't believe he's almost one! I feel like you were just making the announcement! I'm so glad I get to watch him grown through your blog though (even though I'd like to meet him in person). He's precious!

    1. thanks emily! i'd love for all our kids to play! the imagination would be astonishing!!

  4. He is so precious!! It is amazing how each child gets older fast...or so it seems!! He is a precious little boy and yes, he looks just like his Mama..what a cutie!!