Tuesday, March 6, 2012

an in progress mail center

a few weeks ago when i told you about
Organize the Whole Shebang pocketguide i started a project i had been wanting to do for a while. ... a mail center. it is the first project Krista at the whole shebang encourages ... get that paper work under control! get rid of the piles! well, if you saw the rest of my kitchen counters right now.. you'd know i'm struggling! but my mail center is looking good :)

i want to find a few more organizational baskets for the top. i'm just having trouble finding the size. i think i need to order some on line. any ideas or suggestions??

here's what it started out as..

i found it on the side of the road a while ago. i picked it up... it's been a secret wish to find something like that and make it useful again since i got into the blog land this summer. i love reading about refinishing and re-purposing these "junk finds"!
someone else's junk turned into my mail center!

it's not a huge transformation... not like some out there. but still it was a first. it was fun!

i sanded it (though i don't even know if i had to since it's not real wood! lol. i took the back off. and then had to shave off about an inch off the bottom. my measuring skills leave a little to be desired.. i thought it was going to fit perfectly in the spot i chose. oops!

i gave it two coats of black spray paint. covered easily.. i used one that had a primer in it as well.

i am going to find more baskets.. and then i'll post it again. just wanted to show you...
i actually did it! acted on it.

even now it's helping reduce the clutter ..
so i can't wait to get baskets of some sort and
label them!


  1. I love reading about repurposing found objects and your shelves are amazing. What a find! I'm impressed by your organization projects. Paperwork is such a problem.

  2. yay!! Looks great, Ames. I always have luck with odd size baskets at The Container Store, World Market, or Hayneedle.com Happy organizing!

  3. Try IKEA for the baskets if you have one near you. Looks great! Even TJ Maxx or Home Goods should have some baskets. Lately even Walmart has had a good selection! Nice find by the way!

  4. What a perfect fit! I found an awesome red wooden chair on the side of the road the other day and I didn't even have to paint it! Love that stuff.