Friday, March 16, 2012

"ShamLEAF on St. PatCHICKS Day"

shamleaf... that's what addie thinks shamrocks should be called. she said "sham ROCK... that makes no sense. it's a leaf." well she's got a point, right? of course she is also celebrating "St. PatChicks Day" as well... so.... :)

A few years ago i started having a little fun with Garrett on St. Patrick's Day.. it was a huge hit.
Green pasta. Green applesauce. Green in the potty! Green footprints ... it's just fun.

this year i got them good!

sneaky little leprechaun....

(at least he put a town down..)

they started to wake up a little...

so i had to spray a paper towel and wipe it
over their heads. hehe..

tricky tricky!

the evidence i found.... :)

we heard them coming downstairs this morning... laughing at each other. it was funny!

G said "i think a leprechaun did this to us."

A said "i know. and i do NOT like it. i have green in my hair!"

she kept it for the day :)

i got these cute shirts yesterday at Carters for $2.99!

just loved this.. walking in to school holding hands

G brought a bag of pennies. He's determined to catch a leprechaun. He wanted to use "sticky mouse traps"!! i told him they have chalky stuff on the bottom of their feet so they wont stick..

which led me to what will be all over the floor in the morning...

chalky leprechaun footprints!

wet your finger a bit and rub some green sidewalk chalk on it. then make it like a footprint. fun!

so don't clean your floors today... do it tomorrow after a little sneaky leprechaun leaves his mark!

happy st. patchick's day!!

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  1. Oh my goodness.... as always... YOU are one fun Mom Ames! So stinkin fun and cute. Love it! Your kids are fun too, I love their comments! Thanks for sharing! I feel more connected!

  2. You are so creative. I might have to steal some of your traditions. The kids are adorable and precious. I want to spend St. Patty's weekend in your house and wake up to green hair with them! xox