Tuesday, March 20, 2012

it's messy

I AM feeling so sad today.

it's micah. i don't want him to turn ONE! i'm having a hard time knowing my baby boy is soon going to be toddling around. and before long we'll be able to know what he is trying to tell us instead of his cute jibberish.

maybe i'm sad that before too long.. he'll be a "big kid" and do big kid things. he already follows his big sister and brother around and laughs like crazy at them. soon he will be one of them... and not the baby.

for now though i should focus on .. he's not there yet :) this proves it -

i usually don't give him the spoon...

there is a good reason for that...


he's the third kid.. i'm passed the mess...

ohhhhh but he's Cute!

maybe a little mess is ok..

yep. he's cute.

my cute mess.


  1. These are fun snapshots. And let me remind you that age 1 is awfully fun, too, and so is age 2, and 3 and ... well, you remember.

  2. such a cute mess and an even more beautiful mess of the journey of motherhood!

    1. thought of you today julz, we were at the park for playgroup for micah's bday. plates were blowing.. strollers flipped over (thankfully no babies were residing in them then!) a game started with the kids to see who could catch the things blowing away. NV wind.. doesn't mix well with parks.