Saturday, March 3, 2012

nap time wreath .. withOUT a glue gun!

withOUT a glue gun?!?! me? yep. i decided it was best. here's why.

i've been wanting to make one of these wrapped with yarn wreaths for a while... there are so many different kinds out there i've seen. love them. i found this yarn that has the colors of my living room (it's called "woodsy sylvestre".... found at walmart). well, as i started it, i thought "this would be good for a st. patrick's day wreath"... but.. i love the yarn and wanted it in the living room. Enter NO glue gun :) i decided i would make a st. patrick's day wreath that will trans form into my living room idea. oh yeah! i felt like a genius! i used only straight pins and the clovers are picks i found at JoAnne's.

I started wrapping the yarn around the wreath form. I used a straight pin to hold it.. and then just started wrapping!

i needed a little embellishment ;)

i took a thick ribbon and a fancy stencil to make the "G" for our last name. i used clear Tacky glue to make the G.. & sprinkled it with extra fine glitter.

The G

attached on the back

St. Patrick's day in the house!

i don't have any SP decorations...
but since we are Griffins...

i figured i should embrace the luck of the irish

i love how it turned out! the stripes make it look like it took a really long time :) nope, just one nap time.

Are you doing any St. Patrick's Day decorating??

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  1. That turned out so well! I love the yarn you used.

    Your wreaths are always so pretty.

    1. thanks emily!! i thought the yarn was fun too. looks like a lot more work than it was!

  2. Hi Amie! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment on my blog, The Bean Sprout Notes. I'm glad your family liked the eggplant recipe as much as mine!

    Your wreath is great! I especially like how you hung the wreath with the coordinating ribbon!!

    1. thank you Shelby! i stopped back at your adorable blog.. i wanted to check out that pink and green party! love it.