Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A pretty flower & glass beads

I am not sure what got into me today.. I completed 4 (yes 4!) projects!!!  and started 2 more ;)   What in the world??  I know!  But I am pretty thrilled since they have been calling to me for a long time now.  Nothing major.  Very Easy actually.  But satisfying none the less :)

I thought I would share one now. 

This porch furniture was a steal for me on craig's list.  It is in excellent condition (I can't even justify spray painting it, so you know it's good).  Some new cushions and and we were golden.  *i still need some fun pillows though.  Anyway, the glass table tops lift up, easy to clean up Popsicle mess .. not that I would know.. <sarcastic>.  

I have seen the glass beaded table tops on Pinterest and just love them!  And the very nature of these tables just says "put glass beads under the glass... they fit perfectly!"  So I did. 

I had a pretty helper.

We (i) lined them all up.. in true OCD fashion, and placed the glass on top.


Lucky for me the glass fits snug right on top.  It holds the beads in place.  No mess with the thick fillers (I couldn't go that route anyway because of the grooves).  I didn't want to glue the beads onto the table.. you never know when a change might strike!  I can see kids art work, leaves, Christmas cards... all finding their way here.

The smaller table is home to a very beautiful yellow flower.  I hope of all plants I try to keep alive, this could be one of them.  The kids got this for me a few weeks ago when we were at a nursery looking at palm trees.  Garrett took Addie and Micah for a ride on one of those waggon carts you are supposed to fill up with flowers.  It was one of those rare *sigh.. they are all laughing and getting along moments.  People were telling us how cute they were.. and I believed them! lol. 

Soon they came back to me and told me not to go anywhere near the place where you pay.  And not to look up in the front where the yellow flowers were ;)   

Their plan was thwarted a bit when a sales person came up to me to tell me how much just one flower would be.  I think she thought I sent my minions up to her to ask.  Garrett was devastated that she ruined the surprise.  However.. I am a thespian and I "acted my part well" and convinced them I didn't know what the lady was talking about. 

They smuggled it into the truck (next to a palm!)  and gave it to me when we got home.

They chose yellow because it is my favorite color. 
Addie used her "cash" in her purse to buy it.
It's pretty much better than any dozen... ever. 


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