Friday, April 26, 2013

Lanai Update

I often joke that I want to sit out on my lanai and eat cheesecake to solve the problem at hand by using stories from "back in St. Oloff".. like the Golden Girls of course :)   Well, come to think of it, I have sat out here (I'm enjoying it right now!) so many times with my family, chatting on the phone with my sister, getting to know some new friends over a glass of wine or coffee... and it's my favorite place to craft :)   We love this area of our house, it's an extra room for us since we can use it practically year around.  ... the "winter" in FL usually allows for it to be used in the day and the hot humid summers often only allow it to be relaxing really early in the morning or really late at night.
Still, it's pretty perfect. 
This week I've done a few summer like upgrades .. it feels so cozy and beachy!!!
 I saw these napkins at World Market. I didn't know what I was going to do with them yet (I did know we were not going to be wiping bbq sauce mouths with them though!) 
Love the colors. The beachy prints. And they were on sale.
 I tied the napkins to some rope using thin twine.
I used small command hooks on the sides of the aluminum frame (discovered it was aluminum after my first idea didn't work.. magnets. Uh!)  I used the ones with a toggling hook so it allows for some movement with the wind. 

It's hard to get all three windows!

Seriously, look how well they match!

Also at World Market I found these FUN lanterns!  They are really light.. so I'm hoping the Command hook will keep these babies up there!
I tied the rope to the hook on the lantern and then another knott in the other end where I looped it through a hook extender (also World Market) so it could hang from the ceiling. 

Who's coming over to hang out with me??
Cheesecake, wine and coffee :)
(ok, probably just wine..)
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  1. I want cheesecake and coffee... or just wine!
    I love the colors. And World Market!

    1. thanks Keri! Next time you bring the kiddos to Disney.. we will have wine, cheesecake, and coffee... LOTS to celebrate!