Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend ...Love

Is it just me or is MAY the NEW December?!!   Crazy busy!!

And her it is, the end of May and I have barely stopped by here at all.   So I wanted to share some pics of some of the fun we have had this weekend ... Remembering those who have served and Honoring those who serve along side of my family.  

I saw this on Instagram and just loved it!  I couldn't agree more!!  

And here are some of the reasons I believe in the above picture..
My sweet Addie girl is finally feeling a lot better after fighting a fever All of last week!  She's back to her jewelry and fancy dress wearing self!

My Golf nut!! Garrett finished up another round of lessons at The First Tee and according to him, he "smacks" the ball!

My little guy who thinks he's a big kid.. Though I'm determined to prove him wrong!  Micah just loved the beach and the pool.. He's fearless! 

Nope, that's not a super tall kid... Or maybe it is!  My crazy, never-grow-up, fun, sees the bright side husband is the glue to this little family and my true love :)  

Thankful for his willingness to serve his country, follow our God, & love our family. 

Hope to meet you here again soon! 

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  1. Your kids are ADORABLE. And I love your haircut and necklace. And I realize that this is a serious post, and my comment is lame, but hey. Your family is just too cute!