Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Let's hear it for the boys! (And apps)

"Let's hear it for the boys! Ahhhhhhh let's give the boys a haaaaaand!" 
(You are welcome for that 80's flash back that will stay with you all day...)

The boys I am cheering for are my own :)  Garrett and Micah need a shout out even if its on a small forum like this.  You see, I am sick.  Yes.  I know.  Moms don't get sick.  They can't. But oops I let down my guard and boom! Slapped with a sinus infection (love FL except for the havoc it reeks on my sinuses).  Oh but wait there's more.  I have .. Ahem.. Pink Eye.  Gross I know!    I'm guessing I got it last week dealing with all of Addison's tissues that were everywhere.  And is it coincidence that she doesn't get a shout out?!  Hahaha.. Maybe. (Jk). She got to go over a friend's house after school while he boys got to come along with me to my doctor appointment (I would have found a place for G too.. Had he not threw up at school today!  I think he was just overheated outside.. But yeah, we aim high apparently.)

Anyway.. Back to mom being sick... I mean back to the boys ;)  

The doctor took a while today.. Longer than any of the 3 times we were there last week.  I sat in the waiting room, eyes (well one good eye) glued to the game show channel, where they play reruns of 80's games like "25,000 Pyramid" (so always wanted to be on that and paired with a really awesome celeb like Betty White), "Lingo" (which I don't remember) and my all time favorite, "Press Your Luck!!" The Whammies are still awesome!!   

The boys played and entertained themselves (partially due to the iPad .. I say it unashamed).  They were so good while we were back in the exam room.. I really just kept saying "thank you God.  I AM aware of this blessing".  Seriously.  Then we went to the store to pick up my medicine ,which never made it to their computer and added on an additional 20 min.  But they really did a great job again.  So Micah was running in circles and shooting me with a water gun..  I'm sure I got looks (but remember I could only see half of them!!). Garrett, on his own, walked along with Micah.. Keeping him close.  

Boom boom!

I hate being sick.  And I hate even more not being able to BE sick when I'm sick.. Still had to pick up Addie  and get her to dance class, still had to get dinner going, still had to be present.  But wow!  My big kid stepped it up.. Helping to keep Micah happy and safe. 

When we got home and I knew Matt was on his way, I crawled into bed .. Ready to just BE sick.  Micah came in, followed closely by Garrett who escorted him out and said "let's go play trucks".  
Awwww sigh.  I told Garrett tonight how proud I was of him and how much he helped me.  He smiled his sweet smile and asked, "do you think I earned an app?" 

Lol! Yes! Even if it was "app driven"... I'll take it.  

Do I expect that to happen again next time??  ... I'm not that sick!  

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