Friday, May 31, 2013

Sick.. It happens

It has been a rough 2 weeks here at the Griffin house.  Last week Addie was sick with a high fever (up to 104.9!!) and it just would not go away.  She missed all week of school.  I've heard of 5 other kids that have the same virus (?) and have missed this week!  All at different schools and none in contact with Addie while she was contagious ;)  

She had to get a CBC to check everything out (came back fine) and she And Micah got to have a super sugary treat! 

Then they crashed! 

Poor baby!

She got flowers from her beastie to make her feel better.

And when she was finally feeling better we made some purple pancakes!  

Having sick ones at home is just not fun!  Ok maybe for one day it's a novelty.. Watch movies, read and snuggle.  But the thrill wears off and then you are just stir crazy staying in the house.  And annoyed because you have to cancel commitments.  I'm on week two of canceling things and I feel so bad... But really I'm guessing nobody wants me around right now with this Florida Swamp Eye I've got goin on!! (That's what a friend of mine named it.. Her son has it too.) Thought it was hilarious!

Well if nothing else.. I'm so glad Addie is feeling better and she got to go to her class party! 
Hoping to feel more myself too. 

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