Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentne's Wreath.. tryin the "Argyle Look"

Yes, it is just about that day.. so a wreath for Valentine's day may be a day late and a dollar short.  Well.. that's how i roll quite often.  I made this on Saturday.. so I almost was a week ahead :)  but ... check out the "How To" below for making the Argyle Pattern.. It would be cute in green.... for next month! :)  I guess you could say it's a "dollar saved" in this case because  didn't spend a dime :)  I took apart a wreath I made last year out of a Tee Shirt.

I have pinned a  few wreaths with a cool Argyle like pattern to it.  very cool looking.  I had not actually tried one till now.  *disclaimer.. not sure this is the same technique of any of the ones i pinned... i kind of just winged it :)  It worked though!  and it was totally easy and mindless as I chatted with one of my best friends while making it.  2 things about that last statement... 1. I'm not a good multi-tasker.. i try but it usually doesn't work out well for me.  2. My friend Jessica dubbed me CWL (crazy wreath lady) one time so it was fitting that I was talking to her!  (Jess, I'm sure you were also working on your latest wreath, right?)  :)

 Happy Heart Day!

So here is how I dd the criss crossing pattern ..
First I tied the yarn to the wreath.  Then make your first part of the X by pulling the yarn to the left. Hold tight with your thumb on your left hand while bringing  the dangling portion of the yarn over to the left with your right hand.  (does that make sense??!)  This portion will be used to make the next part of the X.

This the dangling portion brought over to the left... ready to make the cross of the X.

Bring the yarn diagonally to the right to form the X.  Hold tight at the cross point.. the point where you will begin to switch directions for the next X.

This is the "cross point" mentioned above.  It will actually be on the side of your wreath, and will form a pattern for the side. With this point held tight, you can change directions by bringing it under the wreath and start the "left" part of the next X.

By making the next X, you will form a small x pattern on the inside of the wreath.

After wrapping all around the wreath.. tie a knot onto the starting point on the back of the wreath.

looks difficult.  kind of hard to explain (hope the pics helped). 
Here's a close up on the hearts cut out of felt for a fun, whimsical look.  And of course I added just a touch of glitter (pink glitter foam) and bling!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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