Sunday, February 24, 2013

Micah's 1st hair cut

Why was it so difficult for me to pull the trigger on getting Micah's hair cut?  With Garrett I did it probably before he even needed it .. just out of excitement for another "first".  and I guess that right there is the reason.. Micah's firsts are most likely my "last firsts".. and they are coming too fast!  and it is getting so hard!  What's a mama to do?!  Well, I used this first to practice with my new camera.. or maybe i used the camera to hide behind. Whatever the reason, he did a great job and he looks super cute! 

here we go

those curls!

suckers Before?

and retro bottled pop too?? sure!

The Cutting!

it begins

baby curls

i'm going to look so good

what in the world?!

that's what i'm talkin about...


more baby curls :(

handsome big guy

everyone is ready to go

still my baby

"now the girls will say you are so cute!" .. "wait, they already do." #jipped

old time barber shop

handsome new stud

scored another sucker... #totallyworthit


  1. So handsome! I wish we had a place like that for our boys' cuts! It looks fun. It's great the whole family got into it.

    1. thanks danielle. it was fun. they even gave him a certificate of 1st hair cut! i forgot to take a pic of it though.