Monday, February 11, 2013

Craft while Snacking.. if you like yucky candy

In Need of a Quick (and i mean Quick) Craft for Valentine's Day?

Easy for the kids to do.. and they will love it as they can snack and craft using the same items.  :)  

I actually made this as I was waiting for Micah to finish his lunch.. round 2. (good eater!) I was putting those gross Valentine heart candies in a pretty bowl and had way too many.  I'm not going to eat them.. I never did like those!  I tend to think their intended purpose is for sucker moms (ahem) to buy them for their little girls to decorate a Valentine box... and then have all the extra to use as Valentine decor in pretty bowls and vases.  Agree?   (it's ok if you do eat them.. but I've got to know... do you like Peeps at Easter too?? There may be a connection!)   anyway... here's the project.

Not too hard to figure out this one :)  

I did not use glue however.. I figured there was no reason in ruining the candle :)  
I used scrapbooking adhesive. This might be hard for kids.  I think the little sticky dots would be easy for them and still hold.  Glue would be hard because it would cause the hearts to slide down.  Or if you are like my son.. any thing can be stuck with Duct tape or Hot glue! (I'd try hot glue.)

pretty.  easy.

If you do purchase these hearts for your little girls.. beware!  There are some new phrases on the hearts since we were young... oh sure they still say:
be mine
but .. they added..
text me
i heart u
tweet me
me + u = 4ev
first kiss
and.. my personal fave..
my boo!    
Addie working hard on her Valentine Box!
Have Fun Getting Ready For Heart Day!

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