Monday, February 25, 2013

bird watching and eyelashes

I accompanied Garrett's class on a field trip today to a local nature reserve.  And while the skies were threatening all morning, it didn't dampen the science learning spirits at this place!  I was at ease when  I found out that the majority of the activities would be inside.. not so much due to the foreseeable rain, but because of the waiver I had signed stating I was aware we could see snakes!  Happy to say we actually had to stay on a concrete podium so not to disturb the wild life (phew!)  .. I no longer had to worry about what 2nd graders would think of "Garrett's mom" if she ran away.. leaving them to fend for themselves against some ginormous (ahem) snake!

  • first they mastered the art of bird watching.. or in Garrett's case.. figured out why both his binoculars and mine had :flashing things across the screen".  ... yes, son.. you have amazing long eye lashes.  so you can't be a bird watcher.  get over it.  (btw.. sad that he doesn't call them "be noculars" any more). 

  •  very intense listening and learning going on here... and sipping!  He insisted on wearing his Camel Back (also supplied with sunscreen and bug spray) so he wouldn't be thirsty.  I think he was imagining more of a hike.. but none the less.. yep, he had to pee mid "What You Find on the Beach" presentation. 
  •  Using the two finger touch rule... i followed closely.. with antibacterial soap!
  •  They needed to do scientific research as part of the "Natural Habitats" presentation.  They got to explore the displays and read to find the answers to the questions on the scavenger hunt paper.  It's awesome to see how excited they are to do this at this age!!
  •  Garrett and his good buddy, Brock.. had a lot of fun together!  And they are two of the sweetest boys any 2nd grade has seen :)  (slightly biased on the G aspect).
  • And while those boys may have taught me about estuaries, habitats, and turtles...  they should have realized that mom is right sometimes...  ie: eyelashes, camelbacks, and germs!!

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