Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring is in the air

Spring is coming!  After getting used to the whole daylight savings time thing (worst day of the year.. Who's with me?!) I start to settle in and enjoy the extra time we have to play outside and the spring storms (I can't wait for some good ones now that we are back on the east coast!). Yep aside from the internal barometer I have in my head telling me when the weather is changing... I really love spring!

I thought tonight was a perfect night to take a family bike ride .... Perfect night maybe but not the picture perfect bike ride for sure.  Oh we had some grouchies with us.... Hopefully the early bed time they earned gets them all rested up for tomorrow... Another day closer to Spring!

The bike ride may not have been too picture perfect... But the pics I snapped before we left were kinda cute ;).

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