Friday, February 24, 2012

a craft closet

well, i wanted to post my new "Mail Center" tonight.... but alas... as Micah took a super long nap this morning and another this afternoon.... Not that i'm complaining about that! but i was so annoyed with myself because i couldn't finish because of a mistake of my own. i thought yesterday things were moving along too smoothly. ha! well, today things could have continued to sail along.. but apparently i measured wrong. all those little lines between each inch on a tape measure... i don't always pay so much attention to them.. oops! so now i need to do a little adaptation :)

so i thought i would show you something else i just organized last week. i needed to do something with the CRAFT stuff... my stuff... kid stuff. it was all over the place. so i decided to use the hall closet because all of the crafting is done at the kitchen table so i wanted to be able to get to it quickly and easily. not like before when i had some things upstairs (not smart, but probably better for a little extra exercise).

it has already proven to be much more user friendly... or maybe it's the user that is more friendly because i know where things are!!

it's nothing fancy. i didn't buy anything new. i'd love to have those cute matching organization boxes .. but really? is that necessary? or practical? i kind of like that i used things i already had... that were not being used well anyway!

I am sure there is a better way to do this.... but i'm going to let go of that this time. Over analyzing how something should be organized is my first big stumbling block to getting anything in order. There are always things that do not fit into any specific category!! that drives me nuts. But in an attempt to move past that.. and make the system better than it was (and i know i did!) ... this is what i came up with. :)

Project Started. Project Completed!......... feelin good!

check it out! an empty bottom shelf!!
room to grow :)

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