Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quest to organize!

hello!!!! hope everyone had a great weekend. i did... it was up. it was down. i have some fun things to share.. but i'm going to hold off on that.

right NOW i'm going to tell you about my quest... my quest to get organized. i think this is a quest i've been on for .. oh.. forever. through the years i have realized: i am not very good at it. i think i'm an emotional organizer.. so i start off ready to go.. but get all swept away with the memories and find it hard to put things away, give things away, and throw things away. i think back to high school and all the notes that i kept! seriously what was i ever going to do with all those.. "we are bffs, i can't believe she said that, i'm so upset, he is a jerk, i love him..." kind of notes!?! and i know even younger than that i kept everything.. pictures, magazines, notes, etc. It's just Me.

i think of me in college. finally having a space completely my own (well to share with my roomie). a few things come to mind.
* my desk. it was always a mess with tons of things piled on it. not just work, but pictures and things too. organized clutter .. if you will.
* my room. after moving from the dorms to a house with some friends i had my own room. hummm.. thinking back .. it was not like the other bedrooms in the house. LOTS of stuff. just stuff. lots of pictures. dried flowers because if i threw them away i guess that meant i never got them. the list goes on... but i will stop there. i'm getting depressed!

i think of me now... as an adult. as a wife trying to make a home. as a mom. truth is i love my place in life right now. i just don't love what is surrounding me sometimes. I tell matt all the time that being in the house stresses me out. anxiety. it's cluttered. there isn't "a place" for everything. it's cluttered.

ok... i need to give myself one pat on the back! i've been told that my house (our different homes we've had) feels "homey" and i love that compliment. my house is well decorated. or at least always a work in progress. i enjoy working on new things. i like changing things & moving things around. i like lots of things on the walls. ........ but....... i don't like clutter.

so back to that. i'm trying to find a happy medium. i'm trying to find a way to get organized. i don't want to always compare myself to my military friends that seem to have the ability to move from one house to another..effortlessly. i don't want to compare myself to friends that have their house happily under control. i know everyone does not have it together all the time. but somehow they do at least sometimes. i feel like i'm always playing catch up.

always trying to find a better way to get organized.

we are months away from another move. another home. i want to use this time kick start the organization process. i know that it can't all be done before we move. but it's the perfect time to start! i have started some things around the house already.. and it encourages me to keep going!

so.. this is not what i planned on posting! ha! but it feels good to spill that. spill my dirty laundry so to speak. anyone else feel this way? would love to hear from you. and then check out my next post ... it may be the jump start you need too!

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