Saturday, February 11, 2012

a few faves this week

this was week two of matt being out of town. He was home for 2 days in between.. a short respite. the kids keep me busy.. sometimes too busy! but it helps the time go fast. so of course my first fave is.. He's Home :)

Micah has found his new ability & strength. he can climb our stairs.. all 17 of them! he is so proud. he gets to the first landing and turns around to make sure i'm still there and smiles his big smile. yes, i too am proud... but sad too. i have to remember to put a large bin in front of the stairs because both of the tension gates we have will not work due to the lack of anything to tense up against!

Micah also just makes me laugh! he is so happy (if not teething). the other day we made some Valentine's cards by stamping the kids thumb prints in a heart shape.. cute.. wish i would have taken a pic. Anyway, i left the stamp pads out and one ended up on the floor (thank goodness not the carpet!) It also ended up on Micah!! i walked into the kitchen and just started laughing! then i said "ok, first things first.." and Garrett said "yep, we need a picture!" i'm glad the kids know that i like to capture these messy moments! lol!

this thursday was my birthday :) i know facebook reminds us when it is a friend's day.. but it was so nice to hear from so many friends! that made me smile.
Addie made me an adorable card and gave me my gift from her.... one of her purses! LOL

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  1. what a strong boy you have there, already climbing the stairs! awwww, and the fact that addie gave you something of hers is so precious! i consider that a true gift! happy birthday, again!!! see you in 5 months!