Monday, February 13, 2012

one moment in time

thinking back to music i grew up with .. i undoubtedly think of whitney houston. in the wake of her untimely death this weekend I was talking about her with matt, telling him things i remember like it was last week. aside from the "Annie" soundtrack, the first whitney album just sends me back to being a kid... and singing loud.. pretending it sounded awesome. that first whitney album, the one with her hair slicked back and she had that peach flowy dress on (i know at the time i thought it was beautiful because it looked like "peaches n cream barbie" but i reserve the right to change my mind now..). i Earned that cassette tape as a prize for completing a sticker chart (aww.. my first behavior mod chart!) i think it was for finally putting a stop to sucking my thumb. yes, i was in 2nd grade. ... i wonder what cd addie will work for!

i remember belting out "i believe the children are our future .. teach them well and let them lead the way" (you know you are singing it now!) with Meg on our swing set. gosh i hope someone was cutting the grass that summer morning and drowning out our song!

then when her second album came out.. the one with the crazy big curly hair.. my sister, my best friend, Jamie, and i tore it up! we sang every song on there like it was our j.o.b. all summer in the pool we made up dances. i remember going camping at cedar point and serenading the lovely folks in their tents as we walked back to ours (i'm sure they loved it). and then... we got to go to a whitney concert!!! i will never forget my first concert. Ohhhhhh, i wanna dance with somebody!!

my dance recital song one year was "I get so Emotional". not only did i love that song, but i also loved the costume! it was the kind that usually only the baton girls got.. the kind with the cool fringes! i was so excited. and wouldn't you know it.. i got the chicken pox the day of dress rehearsal and never got to do the lindy in those fringes.

seoul, korea. 1988. janet evans... every one of us at the PHS pool wanted to be her that summer! i'm pretty sure i sang "One Moment in Time" during practice after that song claimed the NBC nightly recap song. i'm a sucker for sports moments... and i LOVE the Olympics!

loved "the Body Guard" .. it was one of the big movies during my senior year. so, yes "I will Always Love you" makes me think of fall 95.

a little trip down memory lane.
thanks for the memories :)


  1. Interesting, news of her death caused me to go down memory lane also! She was such a beacon!

  2. Here, here! Nobody loved the hairbrush microphone quite like a Whitney song!