Thursday, December 29, 2011

first post of 2012

we had a wonderful christmas. i missed blogging! so many times i wanted to jot down the memories, and maybe i should have. but... time. we all struggle with having enough of it, especially during the holidays. i really tried to let go of things that were not as important, hold tight to traditions that we have come to love as a family, start a few new ones... things of that sort. so i had to let go of logging our season as i felt sleeping was more important! lol.. i'll figure how to work it all some day. wait. no i won't. anyway.. it didn't seem to matter that i seemed to have a little typewriter in my head dinging at the end of a thought i would have liked to write about. it still didn't make it to the computer!

not quite back to the daily grind here yet.. the kids are off this week too. they went to school right up till friday before christmas. it was nice as it did allow me to get a little extra wrapping, crafting, gifting while they were at school. then we didn't have the lead up to christmas excitement either. it was christmas eve and it was here! liked that. then we took off for san diego two days after the big day and enjoyed the wonderful warm sunshine and beach and time with friends. it was Truly relaxing. just what we needed.

now back to the mess of a house we left. yesterday we had to dechristmas the house. i tried to be extra careful packing up everything.. we not only will not see that stuff for a year... but next time i open those red and green bins we will be in an new house and a new city. a lot will certainly transpire between now and then and i'm looking excitedly towards it. (well, not sure about that cross country drive yet. i don't travel well!) but all the same it's daunting. and it's different. and unknown. we've come to feel at home in this little town. not love it, i'm not going to lie. but definitely feel that we have carved out our spot. we spent our second quiet -just our little family- christmas here. we've made some wonderful friends... proving once again that it's not the place... it's the people!! sooooo.. i think i need to get to cleaning up this house so i can spend time with those people in this last part of our stint in Nevada. :)

here's a few cute pics of the kids on christmas...

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