Sunday, December 4, 2011

sharing thanksgiving crafts

Some crafty Thanksgiving items.....

a Thanksgiving centerpiece for our family like hosts
it looked pretty when lit!

Garrett made this :)

Addie being crafty with colors and glitter! (lots of glitter.)

Our Thankful tree.... i really love this tradition.

Addie and Lucas... birthdays are days apart and Man! can you tell!
they seem to be the male/female versions of each other. they have so much fun together! they are just Crazy together! They decorated this gingerbread house together after Thanksgiving dinner. A single person could have designed their house because it was so similar on each side... LOTS of candy which they Dove into!! ............ Garrett and Kaden designed their house very organized with very straight lines.... can
you tell they are oldest kids??

Not crafty.. but super cute boy !

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  1. So glad you're exercising your crafting muscles this season. I like the centerpiece, especially and all of the neat things you're doing with your kiddos. You really seem to be in your zone! I don't know how you manage with *all* that's under foot. I hope there's some Starbucks fueling you after those late nights of crafting! :)