Friday, December 2, 2011

a wedding show

this year for our anniversary we had a sick Garrett. going to reno for a dinner out wasn't really an option. if you do not know, Fernley, NV is a small town. small in that it has NO where to eat aside from fast food, casinos, and a decent family owned taco place. still, i wasn't up for cooking so we got pizza from our favorite pizza place (it's freshly made & you take it home to cook.. so technically i did cook.) Garrett, who started feeling a little more like himself in the afternoon, had gone into planning mode with Addie. They decided they were going to do a Wedding Show for our anniversary after dinner. They also decided we needed cookies for dessert (ok, i'm in!)

the romantic table was set.
Matt supplied the beautiful flowers.
Garrett supplied the decor... love the helmets.

We could barley finish our pizza before the entertainment was set to begin. In fact, Addison told us we had to stop eating and watch the wedding show and then we could go back to dinner. Girl on a mission.

Garrett says "This is what happened 9 years ago when you got married." "ching ching ching" ("those are church bells")

Addison walks down the pillow isle. notice her yellow flower bouquet.

addie... will you marry me???
"yeah. can i see the ring??"


An adorable wedding show guest.

really, it doesn't get better than this.
today.. is love.


  1. Such a sweet recreation! And I do adore the helmet centerpiece and A's request to see the ring *first* -- would expect nothing less from a girl who knows what's important in life. ;) Happy 9 years!

  2. Hehe "can I see the ring first". Love that! Happy anniversary to one of my favorite couples :)