Wednesday, December 7, 2011

finished 2 pretty cool wreaths

can you guess what these wreaths are made out of???

Plastic Table Cloths!!

total cost.. under 10. :)

all you do is cut strips of the table cloth & tie them on to a wire wreath frame.
i used a frame that had 4 circles to it. i ended up using only the 1st and 3rd. was going to do the
4th too to make it really full... takes a long time and frankly i'm ready to get to
decorating my house. i think they still look great!

i'm sad to give both away :( kidding. but i want to make one for us too.. time needs to slow!


  1. Ok. I am hoping that I have as much time as you do when baby three shows up! Love your're right, I should blog so you could see that I do actually work on projects!


  2. these look great! i made something similar last weekend using strips of burlap. hanging on my front door...did not give it away:)