Thursday, February 27, 2014

My lefty and her tooth

Yesterday was National Left Hander's Day. Who knew!? So I'm celebrating my little lefty.. Addison.

She is so creative and artsy.  She's driven to do well.. But not if it requires going completely out of her way. ;) She loves music and dance and creative drawing and writing. She expresses herself well. Sometimes too well ;)  Right now, if there is a piece to the "left handed stereotype" that is missing, It would be that she's supposed to like math.  I don't blame her.

She is strong, opinionated, and emotional. She's drama and loyal. She is fiesty and endearing.

I don't know how much of this has to do with her preferring to use her left hand... But I do know she's my best girl. 

I sure do love her. 

And she's growing up too fast. Last weekend she lost her first tooth. I'm pretty sure she willed it lose since she's been insisting it was lose for about 6 months now! 

Either way.. It was wiggly! 

And Then It Was Out. 

And she is my big girl.. who writes with her left hand. 

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