Friday, February 21, 2014

Saying Goodbye to the Olympics

Love the olympics.  Although i much prefer the summer Olympics.. the winter ones do not disappoint.  And Matt would be happy to know how much skiing and snowboarding I watched.  That stuff is intense!  (not that i want any part of snow.. let's not confuse things!)

For the Opening Ceremonies I hosted an Olympic Party... I have enjoyed these fun decorations for 2 weeks now..  So Fun!

Torches and Podium Stands :)

ummm.. the torches were a find.. someone had them out for the trash on the exact day i needed to make torches!!


Aren't the flags awesome!?

More torches

My kids made these flags... they went with the food that friends brought from different countries!

um yes.. Gold, Silver, and Bronze kisses

olympic rings!

Thanks to Garrett and his friend Ellie for making the awesome flags!

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