Thursday, February 6, 2014

Vino and Candy

Two of my favorite things…  wine and candy :)
ok, really i think the candy hearts are gross and taste like chalk.. but they are cute for decorating!

So i put my kids to work…  and YES my 2 oldest kiddos can use a glue gun!!  i believe in teaching life coping skills.. and who couldn't fix the world with a glue gun!?

Well… let's be clear here.  I shared the wine with my girl friends during the bachelor!  (not the kids).  And i wrapped them with the yarn (quicker than the kids).

Little guy decided he wanted to do one.. so i came up with his "special" project :)

.. and he came up with his own "special" project!

Addie's master piece… "Fun and Whimsical" 

Garrett's masterpiece… "Love thought out"

Micah's masterpiece… "I'm just too cute!"

I just love these little buggers!!

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