Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sore Throat Remedy Review

Last night I woke up at 4 am with my throat just raw and on fire. It hurt so bad to swallow as I was trying to drink some water. Since I was awake and irritated, I decided to do what any sane person does at 4am... Check out Pinterest of course.  Actually, I still can't believe I did that... Usually if I wake in the night and can't fall back to sleep - I just lay there.. Annoyed. Tossing and turning, which leads to more annoyance ... So of course I can't sleep!  However, I am not one of those good people (I know you are out there!) who figure since they are up, they might as well start the day.  No. Not me. I will lay there till my alarm goes off, and even then probably hit snooze!

But I just knew last night Pinterest <in all it's glory> was going to bring me some relief!  I started searching for natural remedies for a sore throat.  Well, there were many.  Many of which I did not have the herbs or extracts needed.  However, I saw a few recipes for a Sore Throat Tea that seemed promising.  After reading a few, I knew I had the ingredients on hand so I stumbled to the kitchen, ready for relief ;) 

I didn't pin the ones I read to tell you the truth.. I just grabbed what I had and threw it together.. Guessing on the amounts as I went.  This is what I used:
          *Apple cider vinegar
          *Lemon juice
   (No worries... I didn't take the pics at 4am!)

A few things about the above pic.  First, I Love the sign above my stove!  My sister got it for me for Mother's Day (found on wise above all... Pinterest! i take it very seriously.) Second, of course the all natural remedies on life saving Pinterest called for real lemon juice, real cinnamon shavings, and freshly ground pepper.  To this I say .. "Close enough just like in horseshoes and hand grenades."  The honey however, IS organic.. Score me.  
{side note... Anyone else just think of Bee Movie... The honey .. "It's organic." Said defensive human.  "It's our ganic" said said defenseless bee.     No?  Just me huh?  I hear that movie in the car a lot}

Anyway, heat up some water.  Add 2 Tbsp honey, 2 Tbsp vinegar, 1Tbsp lemon juice, a few shakes of pepper and a few of cinnamon .. Stir.   
Bottoms Up!

I've made it a few times now.. It does have some healing qualities about it.  It's not bad at all!  It feels good sipping hot tea (when it's 88 and very humid,) that has a punch to it.  The "punch" makes you feel like you are going to show this sore throat who's boss!  At least for a brief time.  

Thanks to Pinterest for saving the day! 

Ps.. I did fall back to sleep last night... So I'm betting on the tea! Maybe I should have done what my Grandma Hodinka always says... "Put some whiskey in it!"  ... 

That's my next step if this crud doesn't leave soon!


  1. I love that sign! I've been a frequent middle of the night waker-upper due to Baby jumping on my bladder, so I'm with ya on just laying there. Even if I have to pee at 6:45am, and I know my alarm is going off at 7, I'll still get back into bed :)

  2. There I so many things I love about this post, I just can't name them all! The biggest reason, I can hear your voice in my head while reading it. And I love that. Awwww:)

  3. I'll have to try that next time we have sore throats in our house. I always see recipes for drinks that have pepper in them and they always make me a little nervous. You were brave to try it! From now on, I'll trust you that it's good!

    1. I was ready to try anything at that point! But really it wasn't bad at all!